Eye Level of Herndon POLICIES


Makeup Policy:

It is important that we maintain our intended instructor-to-student ratio. Accordingly:

    If there is a need for a temporary schedule change or a planned absence, 24-hour notice is required.

    In the case of illness, please contact us no less than 2 hours prior to your scheduled session.

    If proper notification is provided, the absence will be considered excused,’ and a make-up session will be offered.  All other absences are considered ‘unexcused,’ and will not be eligible for make-up session(s).

    If a make-up session is not scheduled within two weeks of the missed session, then no credit will be given for the missed original scheduled session(s) or missed make- up session(s). 


Vacation  Policy:

    If you plan to take a vacation, please notify your Center Director atleast 2 weeks prior to ensure proper planning of your child’s work.

We strongly encourage you to take assigned work with you, as ongoing Eye Level study is essential to the methodology of our program.


DROP-OFF  Policy:

     In case of drop off we need 30 days notice in order not be charged.